There is nothing worse than when you have to make use of a standard gift box, and it looks like your product is lost inside. Instead; measure your gift and allow us to make a gift box to suit the size of your gift. Small details like this add to the specific look ad message you relay to the end-user.

When you want to go the extra mile and add thought into the presentation on the gift, we can work on a specific shape. Square, long, flat, upright, round box, oval or even heart-shaped. A client is aware when additional thought and effort is put into the packaging of the gift or product, or when it is just a last-minute packaging compromise. The emphasis must be placed on the gift or product, and well thought out design will assist in the gift experience. The presentation and packaging are just as important as the gift, if not more.

We will gladly assist in designing the best size, shape and concept for each product or gift you need to be packaged.

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