Often referred to as simply package designers, packaging designers are graphic designers specialising in the design and artwork on boxes, bottles and bags for consumer-packaged goods. The packaging of anything from products, gifts and presentations is created by these professionals — all to encourage consumers to buy the product.

A Packaging designer can take a visual brief and idea to package a product, to a manufactured product. The designer work from the design brief to doing research on a specific market and all elements involved. The idea process can be visualised in a storyboard or presentations. The storyboard will assist in deciding on the final design and changes can be made before manufacturing starts. The designer will assist in developing the final product and help or source the manufacturing.

A packaging designer has more experience in the design and manufacturing process of packaging. The packaging is very specialised and many avenues to make use of for various needs. Most graphic designers have some experience and will be able to assist in primary packaging needs. If you require more specific packaging development for your projects, an expert should be consulted for the best result.

At Paper Explosion we have an in-house packaging designer to assist with all your packaging needs, may this be primary packaging for a specific product or a one-off piece that is uniquely designed according to your specifications.

a Special vodka box design

Client’s Brief – Design a luxurious box to celebrate the shape of the bottle. The box should open up and showcase the bottle. Colour palette of black and gold only with a protective PVC sleeve.

Wooden key presentation box

Client’s brief – Design a luxurious bespoke box for the dealership to present the keys for cars purchased. The wooden tray is made from a luxurious 6mm Walnut treated with food-safe clear oil treatment. The hinged lid is covered with black Wibalin paper with white silk screened logo. The client wanted black with black, and the velvet lining over the laser cut key shape just enhances the black and wooden look.

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