If you have a product that is fragile, specific shape or just needs it to be arranged nicely presented in a certain way and kept in place in the box. It can be achieved by either adding a platform or foam insert in the tray of the box.

The tray is made out of a 300gsm board or thicker to create a platform. This is then die-cut or laser cut to the shapes of the products and inserted into the tray. The cut out shapes keeps all the products in place.
If you require more complicated shapes or more protection for the product a die-cut or laser-cut foam inner is more suitable for this application. More detail and layers can be achieved using various foam layers.

If you require the inner tray to be non-exposed, we can add a ruched satin lining finish over the inner tray or foam cut inner.
The foam cut inner can also be lined with velvet paper to give it a more luxurious look which is ideal for jewellery.

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